10 Ways to Celebrate Spring in Flower Mound, Texas

Best ways to welcome spring in Flower Mound, Texas

Enjoy the vibrance of spring in Flower Mound, Texas.

It’s hard to believe that spring is right around the corner. March 20, 2022, will be here before we know it, and Texans will start celebrating the climb in temperatures. Not only that, but springtime is a time of vibrance, color, and new life, and that means it is time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. So if you are ready to enjoy the warmer weather and all that the coming time of year has to offer, check out this list of activities to help you celebrate spring.

1. Plan a picnic at a park.

There is no shortage of parks in Flower Mound, Texas. Whether you are looking to lay out a plaid blanket and enjoy sandwiches and tooth-friendly snacks from your picnic basket, or you want to grill brisket at a pavilion, you’ll have no problem finding a great picnic spot.

2. Try a new exercise regimen.

There’s never a bad time to adopt healthier habits. And the warmer weather can be the motivation you need to get outside for a longer-than-usual walk or a run along one of the many Flower Mound walking trails

3. Go backyard camping or try out a new campsite.

Springtime is a great time to pitch a tent and enjoy a campfire. And who says you need to go too far away? Try pitching a tent in your backyard and roasting marshmallows over the campfire. Or for the more adventurous, try out a new Flower Mound campground.

4. Plant some flowers.

Planting flowers is not only a great way to celebrate spring, but it is good for the soul too. Gardening is highly correlated with many positive health outcomes, including reductions in depression and anxiety symptoms, lowered stress, improved mood, and improved quality of life. Not only that, but planting flowers provides a sense of community, gets you some level of physical activity, and can aid in cognitive function.

5. Paint some spring-colored pictures.

With the change in season, a change to your home decor might be in order. And no one said that new decorations need to be expensive. Make some family art together with a paint project. Select some of your favorite spring-colored paints at your local craft store, then paint some abstracts on canvas. Hang them around the house to brighten up your rooms.

6. Take a trip to the zoo.

A trip to the zoo can be fun for everyone in the family, and every trip to the zoo is different because you never know which animals will be out and about that day. Though there aren’t any zoos in Flower Mound proper, there are several zoo options within a reasonable driving distance.

7. Try some new spring recipes for the family. 

With winter almost in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start thinking of lighter recipes. A quick search on the internet will give you some spring dinner ideas. Some of our favorites include tuna pasta salad and fresh spring rolls. Kiwi and strawberries are great tooth-friendly fruits that continue to be readily available throughout the spring as well.

8. Change out your closets as part of spring cleaning. 

With the warmer weather, it’s time to put the cold-weather clothes toward the back of the closet. And clothing lighter in weight and color is perfect for helping you celebrate spring. Check out the new spring fashions from Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar if retail therapy is your thing. 

9. Have a garage sale.

As we know, it’s not only time to celebrate spring, but it is time for some spring cleaning as well. Start thinking about what you need to purge now so you can have time to coordinate a drop-off to the local Goodwill or plan a local garage sale. Also, it could be a good idea to bust out those cleaning supplies so you can get the dust bunnies out of all of those nooks and crannies. Decluttering is not only good for your home, but it’ll make you feel better too.

10. Visit the farmers’ market.

Pick up some fresh vegetables at the Flower Mound farmers’ market in Parker Square to make those spring recipes easier. Open on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., you and the family will enjoy browsing what local artisans, farmers, and other vendors have to offer.  

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