Month: January 2022

Don't be afraid of a root canal

What You Need to Know About Root Canal Therapy Treatment

As You Prepare for Your Root Canal Appointment Root canals once had a bad reputation as being painful, but modern dental care has kicked that misconception to the curb. This therapy is an incredibly useful treatment option for badly decayed or infected teeth that would otherwise need to be removed. In fact, root canals aren’t…

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What should your dental crown be made out of

What’s the Best Material for a Dental Crown?

Choosing the Best Dental Crown Material for You When it comes to making a major decision, most of us prefer to have at least a few options to choose from. Knowing we have a true choice is freeing and empowering, especially when it comes to our health! Even when a decision is difficult or requires…

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Cavities and fillings FAQ

10 Fast Facts About Fillings and Cavities You May Not Have Known

10 Interesting Facts About Dental Cavities and Fillings How well do you know your dental cavity facts? Are you truly “filled” in on all the truths and myths about fillings? It’s never too late to test your knowledge and learn something new. Here are some interesting things you may have not known about them. 1….

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